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The Local Jobs Fund is a Northern Territory Government initiative aimed at creating more local jobs and accelerating major and significant projects.

The Local Jobs Fund is an $89 million co-investment fund which will support economic transformational projects and help high growth potential Territory businesses to:

  • increase exports of goods and services both interstate and overseas, or
  • substantially increase local jobs and outputs to local markets, including where import substitution can be achieved.

The Local Jobs Fund is comprised of a suite of four products:

  • Loan Guarantees
  • Business Investment Concessional Loans
  • Equity Co-investments
  • Grants program
    • Priority Sector Collaborative Grants
    • Capital Grants for transformational economic growth projects.

How to apply

Applications are required to include a robust business case, financial model and financial statements for the applicant. All applicants should seek advice from their legal, business and financial advisors prior to submitting an application. Applicants are responsible for all costs incurred in the preparation and lodgement of their application.

Step 1. Check your eligibility

Step 3. Read the business case guidelines.

Step 3. Fill in the online application.

Product details

The Local Jobs Fund is comprised of a suite of four products:

Loan Guarantees

Loan Guarantees will support fast-growing Territory businesses to expand and create new Territory jobs. The guarantee will be issued in favour of lending institutions providing funding for appropriate investments such as for the expansion of production capacity or export capability development.

Find out more on Loan Guarantees.

Business Investment Concessional Loans

Business Investment Concessional Loans will provide matched funding to de-risk project opportunities, bring forward private investment and deliver projects to final investment. All projects seeking Business Investment Concessional Loan funding must demonstrate how they will create and sustain new local jobs and drive increased economic activity.

Find out more on Business Investment Concessional Loans.

Equity Co-investments

Equity co-investments may be made in high potential and innovative Territory ventures to secure funding and accelerate business development and growth into national and global markets, stimulating economic activity and creating Territory jobs.

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Grants program

Priority Sector Collaborative Grants

Priority Sector Collaborative Grants provide funding for consortia within Territory priority growth and developing sectors to collaboratively progress sector-wide initiatives which will advance local industry capability, innovation and business development.

Infrastructure Grants

Capital Grants are targeted at transformational economic growth projects which create a step-increase in Territory economic activity, demonstrate broad economic benefits for the Territory and create enduring new Territory jobs.

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